Family, the Bruthas have a special treat for you this week! They have invited their very first guest to join them on the court to discuss the game that’s so near and dear to their hearts. And quite naturally, their very first guest on Bruthas on Tennis, is a Sistah on Tennis!

Ms. Marsha Douglas, an avid fan and player of the game with a surgical backhand and a hammer for a forehand, stops in on the show to discuss her introduction to the game as a youngster on the island of Jamaica, her experience having a parent-coach and its possible advantages/disadvantages, her favorite old school/new school players, and much more! Tune in to get to know a little more about Ms. Douglas, her game, and even if she’s down to be a possible guest host on the show! (Quietly, she was so good she could even be a replacement if the Bruthas ain’t on their game! Watch out dea nah!)