Special Episodes

  • BOT 235 – Special Guest – Charlie Fox

    One of the benefits of being onsite at tournaments is the opportunity to meet people who contribute significantly behind the scenes. There are so many resources that are responsible for how we consume this sport we love. One such person is Charlie Fox. He is the Founder and CEO of Sift Creative, a company that specializes in video production, social media strategy and content creation. They may be best known for their work on the show ATP Uncovered. Listen in as Charlie gives us a peak into his background, as well as some amazing behind the scenes stories. To top it off, Charlie is one of the funniest guys we've met on tour so we're sure you're gonna enjoy!

  • BOT 233 – Special Guest – Kevin Frazier

    You may know him best as one of the co-hosts of Entertainment Tonight, but Kevin Frazier has a deep sports history and tennis is one of his faves! Take a moment to listen in to what we have called one of our instant classic interviews. Kevin does give us the inside scoop on his background, but at the end of the day it's just 3 Bruthas talking a little tennis. Enjoy!

  • BOT 232 – Special Guest – Henri “Bijou” Elkins

    We'd like to introduce to you the tennis All-American, the coach, the originator, the innovator - Henri "Bijou" Elkins. At the recommendation of his father, Henri created The Harlem Globetrotters meets Tennis concept that forever changed the world of invitational tennis. Henri discusses with us how he got started and the impact his circus style of tennis has had on others. Our introduction came way of a shared friend we lost last November. It is in that spirit that we dedicate Episode BOT 232 to our dear friend, David Williams.

  • BOT 229 – Craig Boynton – The Coach Behind the Beard

    We love it when we get the opportunity to interview someone who is on our dream list of interviewees. This was definitely one of those interviews for us. Craig Boynton, current coach of Polish standout Hubert Hurkacz, has been a consistent fixture on the ATP tour for the last 30 years. He is known for his coaching and development of such American players as Jim Courier, Mardy Fish, John Isner, Sam Querrey, Stevie Johnson, Jack Sock and Donald Young, Jr. He may be even better known for the massive beard he sports that makes him so identifiable in courtside player boxes. Take a listen to this entertaining interview about CB's origins, thoughts on player development and his story about the beard! This is easily one of our favorite interviews across the last 4 years. Enjoy...

  • BOT 218 – Linda Paulding – Author of Never Limit Yourself

    The Bruthas reconnected with certified tennis and pickleball instructor, Linda Paulding, who can now add published author to her title. Linda recently released her book, Never Limit Yourself, highlighting the many cross-sections between tennis and pickleball. Listen in as we get a few pearls of wisdom from someone who lives on both sides of the net!!

  • BOT 211 – Interview with Tauheed Browning

    We love when we get the opportunity to spotlight future champions, and that's just how we see Tauheed Browning. The pride of Philadelphia, Tauheed took time to chat with the Bruthas on his start in tennis and how it's going. We say it must be going pretty darn well if Nick Kyrgios has tapped you as a hitting partner. Listen in to meet Tauheed and get ready to follow his very bright tennis future!

  • BOT 208 – Special Guest – Ronald Agenor (Part 2)

    As promised, we are back with Part 2 of our conversation with the Haitian Sensation, Ronald Agenor. In this segment, Ronald shares his honest opinion on the state of tennis today including coaches and thoughts on wildcards. If you liked Part 1, you'll love Part 2. Enjoy...

  • BOT 207 – Special Guest – Ronald Agenor (Part 1)

    We recently had the privilege of chatting with legend, the Haitian Sensation, Ronald Agenor. It got so good to us that we had to break it up into 2 episodes. In this first part, listen to how Ronald was introduced to tennis and how that transitioned into a history making career. We promise not to make you wait too long for Part 2. Enjoy...

  • BOT 205 – Special Guest – Robert Howland – USTA Foundation

    On this episode the Bruthas chat with Robert Howland, Senior Director, Head of Programs and Social Impact for the USTA Foundation. Robert provides an update on the investments being made by the USTA Foundation, particularly on the west coast. We are extremely excited about the grand opening of the resurfaced courts at Harvard Park on 7/20/2023 with Frances Tiafoe. This location is the home of our friends at the Pete Brown Junior Tennis Program (NJTL chapter). Listen to Robert speak about future projects to grow the game in underserved communities, as well as how you can learn more.

  • BOT 201 – Tennis, The Legal Update with Paul S. Haberman

    The Bruthas had the pleasure of chatting with sports law attorney Paul S. Haberman. We learned of his background and how he became a big fan of the game of tennis. We also took the opportunity to get his legal perspective on some of the more controversial topics with the players on tour. A great listen, you will not be disappointed. If you need legal representation, look to the Law Offices of Paul S. Haberman. He specializes in sports-related law but covers a gamut of areas connected to it. Call 201-564-0590 for a consultation.