Bruthas on Tennis Episodes

  • BOT 66: Western & Southern Preview

    Greetings fam! Lots of good, good tennis is on the way folks, and the Bruthas are here to give it to ya like ya like it! In this episode, they hop on the popular sports app, Locker Room, to discuss the insane qualifiers and the actual draws for the Western & Southern Open. Listen in for their predictions, and of course, the banter...the crazy, off-the-chain banter!

  • BOT 64: Top Seed Open Finals

    Tennis is back family! Full-on, official tournaments are being completed, and thankfully everyone is continuing to be Corona-careful. The remainder of the season looks promising, and extremely exciting if things continue to stay like this! On this episode, the Bruthas head out to Locker Room, the amazing upstart sports-talk app, and discuss their learnings from the Top Seed Open. They also chat it up with some of the listeners on a myriad of topics in the game, most notably the most recent US Open opt-outs, Bianca Andreescu, and Belinda Bencic. Come on Serena! That path to 24 is in CLEAR sight!

  • BOT 63: Fan Appreciation!

    As mentioned earlier, it's our anniversary month family, and we're celebrating all month long! This episode is dedicated to the fans. We have a tremendous amount of gratitude and love for each and every one of our listeners, and this episode is a whole-hearted salute to all of you! Listen in as the Bruthas chat with two of their most active fans and learn about how Bruthas on Tennis has shown up, and shown out in their tennis fandom. This is a fun one y'all, you won't want to miss it!

  • BOT 62: And it Restarts…Palermo, and the Top Seed Open Draws LIVE on IG!

    Family...TENNIS IS BACK, and the Bruthas are diving in! They hopped on IG LIVE to talk with fans about the Palermo Open results, and the CRAZY draws for the upcoming Top Seed Open. Come on in, join the convo, and celebrate the return of competitive tennis with the Bruthas!

  • BOT 61: World Team Tennis, a Masters Series, and a Grand Slam Walk Into a Bar…

    It's our anniversary month family! On August 26th we will have been on the air for 1 year, and we are celebrating All. Month. Long! To kick off our celebration in a major way, WE'VE LAUNCHED OUR NEW STORE on our website! You've been asking for it, so now you can cop Bruthas on Tennis t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and more! Check it out here: Celebrations aside, there IS still tennis to cover (thank God). This week, the Bruthas chop it up on the World Team Tennis Finals, and discuss highlights and specific performances from the three-week tournament that have them excited for the tour's reopen. Also, the Western & Southern Open and the US Open received the green light to play...for now. The Bruthas talk about the prospects of these two major events as well as the official return of tennis next week with the Palermo Ladies Open in Italy.

  • BOT 60: The Final Countdown

    Greetings once again fam! Glad to see you checkin' in on the Bruthas once again...and once again, the Bruthas did not disappoint! In this week's episode, the Bruthas chat it up live with fans on IG about the stand-outs in World Team Tennis, the screaming potential in our girl Taylor Townsend, and the scathing irresponsibility of Danielle Collins. We're also less-than a week away from starting up the WTA tour again in Palermo, Italy! The Bruthas welcome back the ladies to the professional tour, discuss how Halep's pull out from Palermo could effect the tournament and field at large, and also dive into Serena's chances at the upcoming Top Seed Open in Lexington, Kentucky. She 'bout to tune that game up y'all! The US Open betta be ready!!!!

  • BOT 59: It’s Just Around the Corner…

    Welcome back family! Come on in, get 'cha a good seat, and get ready to get your tennis fill from the Bruthas. We're finally closing in on some real tennis in the next few weeks, and the Bruthas are excited! They start the show tackling World Team Tennis and how dominant Kim Clijsters has been during the tournament. Do we dare say Serena should be scared of her when the Grand Slams begin again? Will Kim ultimately be the one who stands between Queen Serena and #24? Say it ain't so Bruthas! They also take inventory of the different changes the game has experienced during these COVID-19 exhibitions, and run down a short list of enhancements they'd like to permanently implement that will add a bit more excitement and flare to the tours. Their list has already sparked some debate on social media, so be sure to tune in, and join the fray afterwards. Hit us up, and let us know your opinions!

  • Tennis on the Horizon and BOT Announcements!

    Good to see y'all again fam! We got another good one for ya this week! On this episode, the Bruthas engage fans directly on IG Live and chat about the current hot topics in Tennis. They cover the possibility of having a Grand Slam without the "Big 3" and the effects on on the other players in the tournament, Zverev's interesting coaching change, Chris Eubanks' heroics in the DraftKings All-American Team Cup, and much more. They also have a few major announcements that you DON'T want to miss! Be sure to tune in!

  • BOT 57: Cupcakes and Updates

    Whad up Family! The Bruthas are back at 'cha with another weekly recap of the game and the DRAMA surrounding it. Continued fallout (and positive tests) from the Djokovic's Adria Tour, Twitter beef between Nick Kyrgios, Sasha Zverev and...Boris Becker, (say it ain't so Boris!) and an upcoming tournament in Berlin that has a very juicy matchup with potential for fireworks is just the beginning for the Bruthas. Listen in as they dive into a host of topics, and even have time to curse Dunkin Hines cookies/cupcakes for making these quarantine days so deliciously filling. Thanks D.H!

  • BOT 56: Back 2 Basics

    Greetings fam! Y'all are going to be glad y'all tuned in for this one... After a few themed/focused episodes, the Bruthas are back to true form as they cast their wide net, and bust down on allllll the crazy happenings in and around our beloved sport. They smack Djokovic around for his irresponsible actions while hosting the Adria Tour, they stomp for Richard Williams all the while cuttin' up on Venus' new tv show....they're all over the map on this one, and NO ONE is safe. Be sure to tune in for the fireworks! **Also, we're giving away another Bruthas on Tennis official hat. Be sure to peep our IG for the details. You're going to want to get in on this!