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  • BOT 173 – Special Guest – Carlos Carrera

    We knew there was something very special about this young man the first time we met him. He was working an internship with World Team Tennis and the most engaging conversation occurred between us over a meal in a VIP tent. Originally from Ecuador, Carlos Carrera is a tale we often talk but rarely see. A person who used the sport of tennis as a vehicle to reach major life milestones. From player to collegiate coach to Masters degree recipient. Take a listen to our interview with this hyper-driven young man and I'm sure you will come away inspired. Enjoy...

  • BOT 153 – SPECIAL GUEST – Linda Milan

    Turning to local interests for this special episode, we present to you Ms. Linda Milan. She is the Executive Director and Grants Manager of the Southern California Tennis Association Foundation (SCTAF). The SCTAF is the charitable arm of the USTA Southern California. In an attempt to prevent tennis from being just a sport of privilege, listen to the work that Linda and her team are doing to ensure SoCal's tennis community is one of inclusion. We hope that we can provide greater exposure of SCTAF's programs, potentially leading to the discovery our next American champion!