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  • BOT 159 – Bruthas At The Net – Q1 2022

    This is the first of our quarterly review shows with our friends from At the Net. So excited that we will get a chance to chop it up with these guys 4 times a year. We truly hope you enjoy because we did!! Outline of the show is below: Bruthas At The Net Collab! 1. Highlights from the WTA and ATP tours from our perspective. 2. Favorite moments on one another's shows, and from our respective shows. 3. Spicy Segment: Impressions of Thiem, Kyrgios, Rafa and Djokovic - we made fun of some of our faves - sorry! 4. On Instagram join the Bruthas on Monday nights and At the Net on Wednesday nights.

  • Spotlight Series – Meet Maxi Duncan!

    We've been talking about her and now it's time that you've met her. Meet Maxi Duncan, featured player of our 2022 Spotlight Series. As one of the top recruited juniors, Maxi landed as the #1 player at Harvard University as a Freshman. This is only the tip of the of iceberg for Maxi though - follow us as we follow Maxi on her journey to become the player she is destined to be. Follow at bruthasontennis.com/spotlight-series/.