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  • BOT 200 – Catching Up with Maxi Duncan

    We are so excited to share that we have released our 200th podcast episode as Bruthas on Tennis. We've had many amazing guests over the last 3 years but could think of no better guest for our 200th episode than Maxi Duncan. The subject of our Spotlight Series, Maxi catches us up on life as a Harvard student and an All-Ivy League/MVP on Harvard's Women's Tennis Team. As Bruthas on Tennis sets its sights on the future, we present you a player of the future. Enjoy and thank you for all the support!!

  • Spotlight Series – Marty Woods

    As we continue to uncover the path Maxi Duncan has taken on her tennis career, in this segment we interview Marty Woods, Executive Director of the Pete Brown Jr. Tennis Program. Marty was one of Maxi's early coaches and one of the first to see the promise she had in the game. We ask Marty what were the things he saw in an early Maxi that signaled she could go far in the world of tennis. Sit back and enjoy our conversation with one of our favorite local tennis resources in the Southern California area.

  • Spotlight Series – Gerald Duncan, Tennis Parent – Raw!

    Based upon listener feedback, we brought back Gerald Duncan this month for a more in-depth discussion on his experiences as Maxi's Dad - A Tennis Parent. Behind Maxi's successes on-court are the hidden tales of sacrifices and support from a parent trying to help their child reach their athletic dreams. In this interview Gerald provides insight and advice on how he and Maxi traversed the many existing pitfalls in a sport that is still catered for the privileged. These revelations are as raw as it gets, an episode not to be missed!

  • Spotlight Series – Meet Maxi Duncan!

    We've been talking about her and now it's time that you've met her. Meet Maxi Duncan, featured player of our 2022 Spotlight Series. As one of the top recruited juniors, Maxi landed as the #1 player at Harvard University as a Freshman. This is only the tip of the of iceberg for Maxi though - follow us as we follow Maxi on her journey to become the player she is destined to be. Follow at bruthasontennis.com/spotlight-series/.