Special Episodes

  • King Richard – Behind the Scenes – Tim White, Producer

    In this first segment of the King Richard Behind the Scenes series, we chat with the film's producer, Tim White, at the tennis courts of Griffith Park in Los Angeles. The King Richard project was the brainchild of this very talented Hollywood producer. Along with his brother Trevor, they produced one of the most award nominated films of this season. Listen in as Tim shares with us how he turned an initial idea into the blockbuster film we know today.

  • BOT 153 – SPECIAL GUEST – Linda Milan

    Turning to local interests for this special episode, we present to you Ms. Linda Milan. She is the Executive Director and Grants Manager of the Southern California Tennis Association Foundation (SCTAF). The SCTAF is the charitable arm of the USTA Southern California. In an attempt to prevent tennis from being just a sport of privilege, listen to the work that Linda and her team are doing to ensure SoCal's tennis community is one of inclusion. We hope that we can provide greater exposure of SCTAF's programs, potentially leading to the discovery our next American champion!

  • BOT 148 – The Bakers

    It's been a while since we've had a feel-good story for you and on this episode, so here we introduce the Baker family. Father Darryl, along with son Jackson and daughter MacKenzie published an original coloring and activity book during the pandemic. 25 Most Influential Black Tennis Figures, Past and Present is a fun and historical book aimed at educating a younger audience about the history of Black tennis players. Listen to the Bruthas chat with the Baker family about their goals and experience gained while becoming published authors. The book can be purchased online through Amazon. Enjoy...

  • BOT 146 – SPECIAL GUEST – Noel Gressner

    As part of our initial mission, we set out to bring you stories of people in the game of tennis that may not always get mainstream media attention. This episode does exactly that! Meet Noel Gressner, ATP tour trainer. Players will tell you that Noel and his peers are as critical to tournaments as the referees. We were honored to have Noel share his story of how he began treating some of the greatest athletes in the world, especially one track and field legend in particular. I'm sure you will find his story as inspirational as we did - Enjoy.....

  • BOT 145: “King Richard” Review Panel

    We know you've been waiting for it fam, and right here, right now, we're going to give it to ya! The highly-anticipated "King Richard" film has been on The Bruthas' radar for a while now, and its recent release has spawned multiple thought-provoking reactions and emotions...not only from The Bruthas, but from the viewing public as well. On this episode, they explore their inner-most thoughts around the film in a public forum with a few friends, Cecil Harris and Albert Chen. Both Cecil and Albert host the popular series "All-American," a podcast focusing on sports icons. Check out Season One here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/all-american-tiger-woods/id1525472214?i=1000488643448 Season Two of "All-American" will focus on Venus and Serena, so be sure to check that out when it drops in 2022! Peep their bios below, and enjoy the show! Cecil Harris is a veteran sports journalist who covered the 2018 U.S. Open for the New York Daily News. In the 1990's he covered U.S. Opens and tennis tournaments at Madison Square Garden for Gannett Newspapers. He's also the author of four books: "Different Strokes: Serena, Venus, and the Unfinished Black Tennis Revolution," "Charging the Net: A History of Blacks in Tennis from Althea Gibson and Arthur Ashe to the Williams Sisters," "Call the Yankees My Daddy: Reflections on Baseball, Race, and Family," and "Breaking the Ice: The Black Experience in Professional Hockey." Albert Chen is an author, journalist and podcast producer. He was a senior editor and staff writer at Sports Illustrated and wrote “Billion Dollar Fantasy,” a book about sports gambling.


    Welcome to December everyone and we have a gem of an episode for you here! Sometimes we have interviews and sometimes we just have recorded conversations - this episode with the one and only DJ Mad Linx is definitely the latter. You know him from BET's Rap City and 106 & Park, Fuse TV, The Tennis Channel and ESPN just to name a few. Listen to the most tennis knowledgeable DJ on the planet, we'll wait while you try to think of another...LOL - Enjoy!

  • BOT 143 – SPECIAL GUEST Linda Paulding

    We have a real treat for y'all on this episode. Meet Linda Paulding, lawyer and certified tennis and pickleball coach. If you are a tennis player, by now you have either heard about or played pickleball. Linda discusses with us how this growing sport has some folks trading in their tennis rackets for paddles. At the end of the interview Linda introduces the Bruthas to pickleball and boy, it was a sight to see - lol. Enjoy....

  • BOT 141 – Special Guest – Nicolas Pereira

    Walking the grounds of the Indian Wells Tennis Garden for the 2021 Edition of World Team Tennis, who do we run into other than ex-ATP Pro and current Tennis Channel broadcaster, Nicolas (Nico) Pereira. What do we do when in the midst of one of our favorites from the Tennis Channel? We get him on the mic! Listen as we have a chat with Nico on his tennis career and his transition to the booth. He's a real one y'all!

  • BOT 126: Citi Taste of Tennis Food Truck Tour

    We were beyond honored to have Penny Lerner, CEO of AYS Sports Marketing, return to Bruthas On Tennis to reveal the plans for this summer's Citi Taste of Tennis Food Truck Tour. This is a short episode to bring you up to speed on all the ways you can participate both in person or remotely. Penny has enlisted an amazing culinary team that will be providing free meals through several stops in Washington DC and primarily the New York area. Bruthas On Tennis will be your personal guide in tracking the location of the food truck, the signature dishes of the day (as well as the chefs who create them) and of course we're gonna give you a soundtrack to enhance the experience. Also, take a listen to this episode to hear about the exciting culminating event that is planned at Tavern On The Green in Central Park!


    We got a guuuud one for you today fam! As tennis fans, of course we’re enamored with the titans of the sport; the Serenas, the Rogers, the Nadals...etc. However, we also love to follow the up-and-comers, those who aren't necessarily considered “next gen,” but who are coming up through the rankings, and carving out their own spot on the tour. On this episode, the Bruthas sit down with rising star Rasheeda McAdoo, a former Georgia Tech standout and daughter of basketball Hall of Famer, Bob McAdoo (who is apparently a huge tennis fan! Who knew?). Listen in as she walks us through her journey through the rankings, and expounds on how the game of tennis has impacted her life overall.