Fam, the Bruthas are in the kitchen once again servin' up something different and non-conventional for your tennis appetites. This week, they expanded their digital prowess by recording a live and extremely engaging chat via the Locker Room App with current #11 in the world doubles champion, Nicole Melichar! Listen in as she provides her thoughts on the ins and outs of the doubles gauntlet, her interesting perspective on having strong roots in the Czech Republic yet being raised in America, and her new exciting deal with Neptune Sports Wear. She also spontaneously takes questions from the live audience, and gives her hot takes on several players and issues in the game. This was a spirited talkback, filled with all kinds of spunk and organic spontaneity. We're sure you good folks are going to love it, and become even bigger fans of Nicole than you were before. Enjoy!

  • BOT 81: Go Git It!

    November is upon us family! The cool air has settled in place, the foliage is starting to light up the horizons, and folks are already fattening up their turkeys for the upcoming holiday. But, before all of that goes down, mo' and mo' tennis is on the menu! Tune in to check out the latest and greatest that went down in the sport this past week, and ponder the Brutha's unbelievable suggestion that Rafa could actually steal the number one spot from Djokovic, in a year where Djokovic has all but dominated the majority of the events he's played. Could it happen? Rafa (and no doubt Roger) certainly hopes so!

  • BOT 80: The End is Nigh After-Show via Locker Room

    Family, the after-show from our last podcast was so good to us, we just had to give it to y'all. Tune in to hear even more cray banter on what went down in tennis last week...live, raw, and uncut! It gets down and dirty in the Locker Room each week! Be sure to download the app in the App Store, and join us live every Monday, at 6pm PST (5pm EST)!

  • BOT 79: The End is Nigh

    Family, winter is coming...and so is the end of the tennis season! Sho nuff it's just around the corner, and while it's been a rough go this year, we've actually gotten in some good tennis despite it all! With that said, there's still a few more opportunities to get some solid matches in before all is said and done, and the Bruthas are on top of it all! Listen in as they recap the Ostrava Open (Czech Republic), the second-to-last women's tournament of the year, the men's ATP Cologne II tournament (Germany), and the men's European Open (Belgium). They also give their opinions on select players from both the men's and women's sides as they try to break down the age-old question, "What the hell is going on with 'Player X'?"

  • BOT 78: Life After Clay. Kind of…

    What's good family? As we're rolling towards the end of the tennis season (and what a crazy season it's been), there's still A LOT of good tennis still being played out there! In this episode, the Bruthas talk through a few 100-level and 250-level tournaments that were on the docket last week including the St. Petersburg Open (Russia), the bett1HULKS Indoors (Germany), and the ITF Santa Margherita Di Pula (Italy). They also talk through the upcoming tournaments that are happening his week, and chat it up with their live audience on IG Live. Be sure to come and holla at them every Monday at 8pm EST. Search @bruthasontennis.

  • BOT 77: Welcome to the Locker Room!

    This is a unique one fam! If you've been following along, you should've heard the Bruthas referencing a new startup app called Locker Room. The audio-only social platform allows sports enthusiasts to hang out and discuss all things pertaining to their favorite athletic pastimes. Users can revel in their fandom in rooms tailored to specific sports or athletic events, and chat it up gregariously almost like they were hanging out at a bar or local barbershop. Each Monday, the Bruthas host their own room focused on tennis on the app, and this episode is the audio capture of their most recent session. Listen in as they unabashedly mix it up with the visitors in the room on the French Open results and other topics in the the tennis world. Also, look for the Locker Room app on Twitter (@lockerroomapp), and sign up! It's free, and as you'll see after listening to this episode, that it's totally worth it!


    Whas good family! The Bruthas want to take a second just to THANK YOU for kickin' it with us for as long as you have. We love having y'all along for the ride! We've got a special treat for you this week! Along life's journey, you meet people who are true inspirations for others. It's almost as if the ups/downs, the wins/losses in their lives are meant to be a living message for us that the fight is not over, and the victory comes to those who work hard, and endure. The Bruthas were blessed to sit with someone who carries this message on his sleeve, wether he intends to or not. His story of perseverance as an African-American tennis coach striving to breakthrough overseas, and his intense determination on his road to recovery from a massive stroke is enough to cancel all of our trivial, sometimes selfish, day-to-day complaints. Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce to you, Mr. Juandell Brunner. Enjoy his chat with the Bruthas, and be inspired!

  • BOT 75: 2020 French Open Review

    Ooooooweeee family! What a tournament! We saw some excellent tennis in the last few rounds of the French Open, and A WHOLE LOT of bread was served during those rounds! History was made once again, and a "newcomer" shocked the world by hoisting the trophy at the end of the fortnight. A star was born, and another star continued to shine... The Bruthas run er'thang down for ya inside this episode. Get your listen on, and most definitely get your chuckle on as they have a lot to say about what went down this year on the clay. Enjoy!

  • BOT 74: 2020 French Open Mid-Fortnight

    The first week of the 2020 French Open was a HOT one fam! While the temperatures and players were freezing, the play between the lines was on fyah! Upsets galore (especially on the women's side), on-court drama in both singles and doubles, and the Bruthas got alllllll the tea to spill for you on all that dominated this opening week. Take a listen, and get caught up on all the madness that's happening over in the extremely chilly City of Love and Lights.

  • BOT 73: 2020 French Open Preview

    Bonjour fam! Welcome back to the city of lights (or love), Paris, France! The Bruthas will be your travel guide through the beautiful sights and sounds of the annual Rafael Nadal Open held at Roland Garros... For real though, this year's French Open is shaping up to be a very interesting one. The draws have just come out, and on this episode, the Bruthas give you their take on how the tournament will unfold, round by round. The competition will be fierce, the fan factor will be in play as there will be a few in the stands, Nadal and Djokovic seem to be on a collision course, and then there's that pesky COVID factor that could throw a monkey wrench in everyone's plans. Last Grand Slam of the year...this will be one to watch, and the Bruthas get you all set up and ready to go in this preview. Enjoy!