• BOT 72: Clay Season Has Begun…IN SEPTEMBER? (yup, it’s 2020 y’all)

    What a crazy year fam! We are here in late September talkin' bout starting up the clay season. Say what?!? Corona done did a job on us this year, but guess what, WE HERE!...and the Bruthas are here for allllll of this dutty clay work!! On this episode, they do a deep dive on the business at the Italian Open and take a few live questions/comments from their live Instagram and Locker Room audiences. They also subtly get you primed for the upcoming Nadal Open (i.e. French Open...they might as well change the name at this point). Take a listen, and gon' get your mind right for the next phase in this topsy-turvy tennis season.

  • BOT 71: 2020 US Open Results

    Fam...What. A. Tournament! With the US Open being the first Slam to be played in the COVID era, the participants and the fans have to be extremely proud of the event, and the level of tennis that was on display, especially in the finals! The Bruthas effectively break down all that happened in the explosive second week of the tournament including Serena's collapse, and the two HIGHLY contested finals. Needless to say, this one will be for the record books, and the Bruthas, as always, will recap the event just how you want it, raw and uncut!

  • BOT 70: 2020 US Open Mid – Fortnight

    Whad up fam! While quite non-traditional, this first week of the US Open has been all kinds of entertaining to say the least! Man, do we have some things to discuss...and the Bruthas are here for all of it! Come journey with them as they recap all that went down the first week of the this HOPEFULLY one-of-a-kind US Open, and see if their predictions from the US Open Preview have come to fruition.

  • BOT 69: Joker’s Wild!

    Family! You KNOW the Bruthas had to discuss this controversial faux pax from Novak Djokovic. What a year this guy has been having! 2020 has been a year for all of us, but man...on top of everything else going on out there, this dude has been having a real doozy when it comes to tennis tournaments! Listen in as the Bruthas wax poetic on the Joker's antics via the popular Locker Room App. You won't want to miss what they have to say!

  • BOT 68: US Open Preview

    Greetings Fam! Here we are, once again at the US Open...a very different US Open nonetheless, but the big daddy of the Grand Slams is back, and the Bruthas are here to cover it! As customary with the Slams, the Bruthas got you covered on all the draws, potential juicy matchups, predictions, and all the incoming drama you could ask for. This year's tournament is already guaranteed to go down in the history books, let's hope action-packed, fiery tennis is one of the reasons why (and maybe, just maaaaaybe 24? COME ON SERENA!!!).

  • BOT 67: It’s Our Anniversary!!!

    Family, we have been rocking with you guys for one full year! We have been giving you the real on the sport we love since we officially launched our podcast to the public on August 26th, 2019, and we plan to keep this train rolling strong! Thanks to all of you that have been on this ride with us, and we hope you keep your spot aboard. Settle in, we've got even more heat planned for you in the future! On this episode the Bruthas take a look back on the tremendous accomplishments and milestones made in their first year, talk to a couple of special guests tied to the popular Locker Room App, and cover the latest developments in the Western & Southern Open. Lot's of things happening out there folks, and thank you again for continuing to hang with us. Much love!

  • BOT 66: Western & Southern Preview

    Greetings fam! Lots of good, good tennis is on the way folks, and the Bruthas are here to give it to ya like ya like it! In this episode, they hop on the popular sports app, Locker Room, to discuss the insane qualifiers and the actual draws for the Western & Southern Open. Listen in for their predictions, and of course, the banter...the crazy, off-the-chain banter!


    In this episode, the Bruthas chat with Mr. Glenn Gilliam, a man of many hats that's putting it down for POC in Tennis. Mr. Gilliam is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for the popular "Althea" Film Project as well as for ACF Sports Premiums. He also is the Producer/Host of Reel Dreamz TV (YouTube and Manhattan Neighborhood Network). Mr. Gilliam drops knowledge on several topics in this free-flowing discussion around all things Tennis. He touches on his personal initiatives with the Althea Gibson film and overall legacy, as well as his work with the American Tennis Association (ATA) and HBCU's all over the country. You will be astonished to hear all of the GOOD work this brutha is doing for people of color in our sport, and will most certainly learn a thing or two from listening to him speak. Tune in for all of the magic!

  • BOT 64: Top Seed Open Finals

    Tennis is back family! Full-on, official tournaments are being completed, and thankfully everyone is continuing to be Corona-careful. The remainder of the season looks promising, and extremely exciting if things continue to stay like this! On this episode, the Bruthas head out to Locker Room, the amazing upstart sports-talk app, and discuss their learnings from the Top Seed Open. They also chat it up with some of the listeners on a myriad of topics in the game, most notably the most recent US Open opt-outs, Bianca Andreescu, and Belinda Bencic. Come on Serena! That path to 24 is in CLEAR sight!

  • BOT 63: Fan Appreciation!

    As mentioned earlier, it's our anniversary month family, and we're celebrating all month long! This episode is dedicated to the fans. We have a tremendous amount of gratitude and love for each and every one of our listeners, and this episode is a whole-hearted salute to all of you! Listen in as the Bruthas chat with two of their most active fans and learn about how Bruthas on Tennis has shown up, and shown out in their tennis fandom. This is a fun one y'all, you won't want to miss it!